Well it’s been five years since Unthinkable was finished and handed over to the publisher.

Five years changes your perspectives a lot, but most of the book still seems right to me.

In truth, most of my regrets about the book were there before it ever saw the light of day:

  • I know of at least 10 typos and other silly errors.
  • I thought the format was too American and not penguin enough for British sensibilities.
  • There’s a famous saying, “If I had more time I would have made it shorter.” In my case, if I’d had more experience, I would have made it shorter. As it was, the publisher wanted 50,000 words. I wanted a bit of respect for writing 50,000 words and so it was 50,000 words. But all business books are bit long and boring, and Unthinkable is no exception. I should have tried to do it in 20,000. More surgery would have doubtless improved the health of the patient.
  • In terms of the content itself, I now know a lot more about doing it right. And I know a little bit more about getting it wrong. In particular, I’ve got some particular tips on how to actually do it in the land of large companies.
  • Finally the preamble. Unthinkable must have been one of a thousand books that year with the same preamble, the same introduction. Next time we’ll just open it up with “The world is changing,  yada yada”.

So I’m planning a second edition. But one that is so different, it will be like another book entirely. Let me know if you have any thoughts, or if you bought the first one and feel cheated. In the later case, I will gladly send you a copy of the new book if you can show me a pic of you with the original.